Passion vs. Purpose

I bet most of you feel you need to find your passion so you can find your purpose.

Well, turns out it’s pretty much the other way around.

💫Passion is not something you FIND, but something you DEVELOP. You aren’t born with it either, nor does it show up in your life with fireworks and butterflies.

Passion starts out as an interest. A mere inclination and curiosity towards something. Which may or may not fade in time.

👏🏻Passion takes encouragement and exposure. In order to cultivate a passion, you need multiple exposures and experience with the original interest to re-trigger the feeling of passion. It also needs encouragement - sometimes inner drive, other times encouragement from those who love us and can see things we sometimes miss.

😪Passion isn’t always enjoyable. But it does start that way. But as you get more involved, it becomes more complex and challenging, as it requires a greater level of skill to cultivate.

🧐Passion does not require talent. You may not even be good at it at first. True skill and talent to support your passion will develop over time.

🤨Passion takes practice. I know you won’t like to hear this but passion takes time and effort, especially after the initial enjoyment may fade. It takes a commitment to improve, so you can experience the next level of satisfaction your passion may bring. Getting better at something you are passionate about takes practice. Be patient. Show up.

🤩Purpose amplifies passion. And this is where the two are connected. Passion is driven by purpose - the conviction that what you are doing matters!

I hope this reassures you that there is nothing wrong with you if you don’t have a passion or don’t know what your passion is yet.

And don’t worry about purpose, you have it! You just haven’t given it enough awareness and space to unfold.

Or get it touch to speed up the process!

With love,


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