If You Have a Life, You Have Purpose

If you have a life, you have purpose. We never lose our true, spiritual purpose. We’re still here, we are still alive, we’re still living our purpose. But this is how to find your practical purpose to keep you busy while on this Earth.

I have read and researched the hell out of the question ‘How do I find my purpose?'.

In fact, I became a coach in my mission to understand purpose and meaning in life. And then to help others find theirs.

For a long time, I truly only thought about purpose through the lens of my career. And kept changing direction and jobs and dreams. Nearly 30 years of not knowing what my purpose is. Yet somehow I know I’ve finally made an important step towards my true purpose.

You see, I now think of purpose in two ways, which brings me a lot of peace of mind.

1.Spiritual purpose

If you were born, you have a purpose. Your purpose is to live. To the best of your ability and circumstances, but you have been given the most incredible purpose - of being alive. Understanding or aligning to this purpose doesn’t come naturally or is accessible to everyone, because not everyone is ready or open up their hearts and minds to accept the simplicity of this purpose.

2. Practical purpose

We like to complicate things in our modern society, so we often think of our sole purpose or satisfaction through our jobs, relationships and possessions. Nothing wrong with wanting meaning in life, a great partner or a nice house. Trust me, I want all of this and more. But this is a practical purpose. A purpose that fills our days with actions, so that we can function in a society. And this is ok! Because we do need to occupy our minds and time here, while alive.

The danger with only hanging on to this ONE practical purpose it that it can give a false sense of security. Because if you lose any of these things that give you purpose, you are unhappy (to say the least).

When we lose our purpose, we ONLY lose the practical purpose in our life.

We never lose our true, spiritual purpose. We’re still here, we are still alive, we’re still living our purpose. It’s just our ego that has lost something; it is unhappy in a job, needs validation, it is comparing itself to others, it's judging, it is making you believe you are not good enough. That you lost your ‘purpose’. The ego is a tricky bastard.

But, if practical purpose is what we are after, no problem, amigos! I have a multitude of tips and tools for that. They are about knowing:

- who you are

- who you are not or no longer want to be

- what your core values and needs are

- what you like/don’t like

- what is limiting you

- what you TRULY want

- how you want to feel when you get there

But what if I told you you are already there? That you have the present moment and that is a gift and a purpose in itself?

Can you be happy in the present moment? Can you find things to be grateful for? Is there anything good in your life?

If you answered Yes to at least one of these questions, you have purpose.

Please take the pressure off trying to know what tomorrow brings.

With love.

Your purpose coach,


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