32 Things I learned before I turned 32

I am a believer in spending more time documenting, reflecting and assessing our lives. Birthdays and end of year times are my favourite for writing down some of my thoughts and lessons. Here's what came to mind today, as I celebrate my 32th journey around the Sun, in this infinite Universe.

1. Nothing beats a good night's sleep. Nothing!

2. Building a good relationship with yourself is the way to true happiness.

3. We don't need to work as hard or as much as we do.

4. Crying is really good for you. And it's not a weakness.

5. Meditation and nature are my gateways to transcendence.

6. I don't want to live in a place where I don't have my close friends around.

7. We're never, ever going to be as young as right this moment. Make it count!

8. The only way to transform your life is to REALLY want to.

9. Stress is a killer! And we all have TOO MUCH of it in our lives.

10. You can have it all. Redefine 'ALL' and you win.

11. Every human is intrinsically creative.

12. Cats are the weirdest and I can't have enough of them.

13. Nothing is like our parents told us!

14. 30s is BY FAR the best decade.

15. Wellbeing is more than nutrition and exercise.

16. There is a force and energy greater than us.

17. You can always start again! And it is worth it every time.

18. Taking care of yourself is a skill you need to master!

19. We don't FEEL our lives enough. We think & do too much.

20. Beauty truly is an inside job.

21. Talent is not enough. You need skills and motivation to keep going.

22. Gratitude will ALWAYS change your mood. It is scientifically proven.

23. Brains are funny organs.

24. We create our reality, every moment.

25. Coffee beats tea. Sorry!

26. I will never restrict my diet.

27. Bodies are constantly changing, start getting used to it! <3

28. Everyone should go to therapy.

29. You can have multiple careers.

30. Joy is our purpose.

31. I was a goddess in a past life :)

32. You are enough.

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