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Hello there! I am Maria and I am proud to call myself today a successful entrepreneur. 


Despite the appearances, throughout my life I struggled with low self-esteem, anxiety and self-sabotaging my success.


After an 8-year career in marketing, countless abandoned business ideas and a few freelance stunts, I finally let go of what I THOUGHT I should do and embraced what I WANTED to do. 

Once I aligned my values for connection, flexibility and wellbeing to my actions and intentions, I created the dream, balanced and abundant life I didn't think was possible in the past. 


I never felt more free, empowered and secure in in myself and my abilities, despite the uncertainty and the pandemic that hit us all in 2020. 


It hasn't been an easy journey to get here.


After giving up a business venture in 2013, out of fear and lack of encouragement, I decided to get back into work and try the ‘career ladder’ route again. Towards 2015 my anxiety was at an all time high to the point of being unable to leave the house. I was underperforming at work, dissatisfied with all aspects of my life and without direction. It was a full-blown identity crisis.


With therapy, coaching and self-help I was able to understand myself better, my past and coping mechanisms and slowly found balance again.


In 2018, stress and anxiety crept back in, as I was forgetting to honour my needs and got overwhelmed by the conflict between my old beliefs and what I truly wanted.


Without clarity, I tried to do it all and be it all and I burned out shortly after. 

I embarked on another self-development journey, and in 2019, just as I was starting my coaching diploma, I was made redundant from my last ever job! Biggest favour the Universe did me. Later that year, the opportunity to finally fulfil a lifelong dream of owning a coffee shop came about and despite DEBILITATING fear, I grabbed it with both hands and never looked back. 


2020 is my best year to date - my businesses are flourishing, I have the best relationship ever with myself and I feel the strongest calling to give back and teach others how to get empowered and follow their purpose and joy in life, without fear.


Your time is now! Let's go.